Best tower in btd5

best tower in btd5

iCloud not working iOS btd5 3 Best: Super Monkey - The super monkey is the best tower if all the towers were put in a competition, but it is. Make sure you include why, like: effectiveness-cost-size-anything that makes it better than the rest. Try to pick the actual best, not just your. Real time comparison between Towers that can hurt the MOABs that a ZOMG spawns. The idea was to use the. Edited by Spike Save changes Preview Cancel. It one of the few towers that can affect bloons with napalm and it has a decent fire rate. Arctic Wind is enough, Viral Frost is easily outclassed. It will wreck things. I wonder if you knew Tempest Tornados exist. It's more expensive, not accurate opposite to what to description says "harder for bloons to avoid", shoots 8 projectiles only which means less damage to MOABs and ceramics, and it's incredibly slow without the other path upgrades. All Discussions Screenshots Artwork Broadcasts Videos News Guides Reviews. It's a major cause of deaths worldwide! Or a Regrow Rush of Death? Showing 1 - 15 of 37 comments. You can afford a fully sacrificed one at round 40 IF you farm very well. best tower in btd5

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Top Ten Towers To Defeat ZOMG in BTD5 It can't pop a ZOMG, but it can pop hundreds of just about anything else and it can pop infinite ceramics. While a temple without sacrifices is one of the worst towers in the game when judged by cost-efficiency, it's still a very good tower and it can obliterate infinite ceramics and huge MOAB rushes. That's true, but Spiked balls are still better. On a high round strategie kriegsspiele pc you want Temples Of the Monkey Gods but don't want them to sacrifice all your towers, you can move them away. Gameuser View Profile View Posts. All in all, this tower, if used correctly, is one of the deadliest towers of all time. More expensive than Flash Bomb? If all of the spikes are on the ground eventually they time out Or tornado tempest to technological error. Once you have an aircraft carrier, you vaporize balloons OP and cheap. Originally Posted by Jlm7.

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